Reveal the true you. What’s your tbd?

Achieve your ideal fat percentage and get back to being you.


Reveal the inner you!

Achieve your ideal fat percentage and get back to being you.

We focus on reducing fat percentage

It’s not a fad diet, and it’s not high-fat ketogenics

Instead of focusing on simply losing pounds, the True Body Dynamics protocol emphasizes achieving your ideal fat percentage. We offer a moderate-fat, moderate-carb protocol. It’s not a fad diet and it’s not the latest rage … it’s about creating a positive, sustainable long-term outcome and a lifestyle transformation.

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Looking for a great local weight-loss coach? True Body Dynamics Coach Meghan Riley is your guide, motivator, and teacher.  Learn more about the methods and philosophies that make her clients happy and successful.

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Start now. Do it right. Keep it off.

How much weight should you expect to lose?

With your TBD Weight Loss coach, results vary from person to person, but most of our clients consistently lose between two and four pounds per week, even at the beginning of the program.


Losing weight can be a challenge, but the protocol actually is a simple one.

What’s the protocol?

This isn’t boot camp. The focus starts with weight loss.

First we focus on weight loss through a safe, moderate-fat, moderate-carb diet. After you lose the weight, then it’s about learning the fundamentals of food, developing smarter eating and lifestyle habits, finding a workout you enjoy and finally a plan for maintaining your ideal weight (click to learn why we want you to delay heavy-duty workouts). The program managed by your True Body Dynamics coach is a medically developed three-phase protocol – empowering you to sustain your weight-loss results over your life course.

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How is TBD changing lives?

So many client success stories

“When I needed the perfect weight loss solution, Meghan came in like an angel. She helped me reach my short term goal in just the right amount of time. Every time I was discouraged or ready to give up, Meghan was there with just the right amount of motivation and advice. I’m looking forward to what we can accomplish next.”

Adam B


What does it cost?

At True Body Dynamics, not only do we have great client successes, this program can cost much less than many other nationwide weight-loss programs. And, program costs are significantly offset by the fact that you will be removing some pricey items from your weekly grocery list. Plus, the initial consultation is complementary! Schedule a consultation today to learn how you can begin your personal transformation.

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