Before and After

See the results of actual clients

Everyone has their own motivation for losing weight. Some clients want better health, and others just want to look and feel better. Some want to lose 200 pounds, and some just stuggle to lose that last 10 pounds. These Before-and-After photos show a few of the success stories of some of the clients from our partner in Austin, Texas.



Check out the amazing testimonials below from our partner company in Austin, Texas.

“I met Dawn Offel March 2015. Little did I know the effect she would have on my life. Dawn has taught me how to lose weight and still enjoy food without it controlling me. Her weekly counseling has helped me to lose 160 lbs. She continues to guide me through every step of my journey. Coach Dawn is more than a weight-loss coach. She is a true life coach.”


160 pounds

“My goal was to lose the unwanted 10 pounds that had ‘suddenly appeared,’ so that I could fit back into my clothes. My husband’s goal was to lose 16 pounds. We had decided that the best way to achieve our individual goals, was to do so as a team, so we both began the protocol together. Not only did both of us achieve our individual goals in 4 weeks (as Coach Dawn said we would), but we continued to lose another 8 pounds each through Phases II and III, and are now consistently maintaining in phase IV. The only ‘bad’ news is that now I have to buy that new wardrobe in a smaller size!”

Diana and Keith

20 and 25 pounds

“Coach Dawn changed my life. I was 100 pounds overweight and had and failed at every diet. I am so thankful that Coach Dawn came into my life. In addition to being an Ideal Protein expert, she is my mentor, cheerleader and occasional therapist. With Coach Dawn’s support, I have maintained my weight loss for three years.”


120 pounds

“EVERYBODY is asking what my weight-loss program is! I’m like a walking billboard now! So pleased with getting my body back … bless you for all your encouragement!”


35 pounds

“She believed in me when often I didn’t believe in myself. She showed me not only what was possible, but probable. Whenever I encountered success, she celebrated as much, if not more, than I would. Whenever I experienced setbacks, she was quick to support me.”


80 pounds

“Controlling your weight can be a constant struggle. Dawn understands this and will work with you through periods of confidence and periods of frustration. This program works if you really want it to, and Dawn plays a critical role in the process.”

40 pounds