The Coach

What’s your style? What’s your speed? Do you want calm and soothing encouragement, or do you respond better to high-energy motivational coaching? We offer nuanced approaches to accommodate the support method that works best for you.

Meghan Riley


My own experience struggling to find a program that worked for me, and finally finding that in the Ideal Protein protocol, makes me the perfect person to lead you through your personalized path to better health.

I have always been active and fitness and health driven, but was challenged in the years after having children. No matter what I did, I always gained a few extra pounds per year. The structure and support I found in the Ideal Protein protocol struck a chord with me and ultimately worked almost like magic. I find myself healthier and happier now than I had been in years. My goal is to share my experience and the magic I found with others to help them live their own healthier life!

As your weight loss coach, I will make it my mission to help you find that healthier you and discover your potential by helping you form long lasting habits to lead you to success. Like all things worth fighting for, it takes courage, purpose and consistency to succeed. I will be your biggest cheerleader and be there for you every step of the way!

Dawn Offel


Coach Dawn has been an elite weight-loss coach since 2011. For six years, she was medically mentored by a physician and has experience working with high-risk dieters that are affected by metabolic syndrome.

She has worked with over 700 dieters, which equates to more than 22,000 pounds lost. She has an innate ability to connect with each of her dieters, helping them not only achieve their weight-loss goals, but helping them reveal the power they have within to live their best life.

By helping dieters identify their true purpose in terms of why they are attempting a transformation, Coach Dawn has perfected the coaching process. She thrives on providing solutions and guidance to make sure that dieters can achieve their goals, and truly “reveal the inner you.” Coach Dawn struggled with her own weight (three babies in 48 months) prior to becoming a coach, and therefore can relate with the struggle of weight loss.

In addition to the knowledge and motivation that is required to be an elite leader, Coach Dawn has perfected the art of maintaining your weight. With her wealth of extensive research and knowledge, and by truly living the lifestyle that she coaches, she is able to help her dieters achieve and maintain their success.

Coach Dawn is an NASM-certified Weight Loss Specialist, a triathlete, an Ultra Endurance runner, an NPC Bikini Competitor and a life coach.